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Every February (officially February 17), PTAs across the country celebrate the legacy and founding of the National PTA by Alice McLellan Birney, Phoebe Apperson Hearst and Selena Sloan Butler more than 120 years ago. 

Westlake observes Founders' Day by holding a recognition dinner every year to honor PTA members, parents, school district educators and other community members at large who have given exemplary service to the benefit of children or youth in the community. There are three awards for which community members can be nominated:

  • Ohio PTA Achievement Award - given to one member of each PTA in Westlake for exceptional service to children
  • Helping Hands Award - given to one member across all PTAs in Westlake for promoting the welfare of children and youth in home, school and community
  • Outstanding District Educator Award - given to a certified educator for exceptional service as an educator who promotes parent/teacher cooperation and supports PTA


Ronnie Seybold, 1985
Robert Clancy, 1987
Cindi Lindgren, 1988
Michelle Nardi, 1989
Carol Greene, 1990
Lynn Arnold, 1990
Kimberly Hunyor, 1991
Paul Schuenemann, 1991
Elmer Hunyor, 1992
Pam Mazola, 1992
Mary Hudec, 1993
Judy Fialko, 1994
Nancy Sabo, 1995
Susan Munch, 1995

Cindy McMahon, 1996
Louise Evans, 1997
Rachel Musser, 1998
Paula Roth, 1999
Sue Richmond, 2000
Christie Wiedt, 2001
Jan Schmitt, 2002
Mary Beth Duffy, 2003
Donna Zajaczkowski, 2004
Kelly Pinkas, 2004
Cris Kennedy, 2005
Beth Karpuszka, 2006
Robyn Hewitt, 2006
Bev Wilkinson, 2006

Nicole Sauer, 2007
Sarah Rintamaki, 2008
Bridget Demonica, 2009
Andrea Tarolli, 2010
Karen Krantz, 2011
Carrie Rendziak, 2012
Delicia Ostroswki, 2013
Jennifer Grimes, 2014
Sarah Camden, 2015
Mary Macias, 2016
Marie Novak, 2017
Christina Sivori and Maria Skrilos, 2018
Julia Knotek, 2019

6:30 pm, second Tuesday of each month
September - May
Westlake Elementary School

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