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WECPTA is committed to exposing children and parents to a wide array of experiences. 


This year we will be offering our members a chance to win a $250 Children’s Scholarship to be applied to the activity (i.e. Little Gym, BayArts, etc.) or preschool program of your choice. The winner of the Scholarship will be drawn at the May Installation Meeting. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must:

· attend at least 4 general membership meetings (both the speaker and the business part)

· be a member in good standing (dues paid and up to date)

· volunteer for at least 2 in person events (i.e. the auction, Kiddie Kloset, etc.) ***Note: due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the in-person volunteering requirement will be waived for the 2020-21 year

We are so excited to build a more active, even stronger community to support each other through these unconventional times. Come Grow with Us!

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  As a working mom, I love that the WECPTA provides many evening and weekend events!  


We organize fun and educational group trips throughout the year at varying times, including both weekdays and weekends. We strive to provide a PTA member price reduction for field trip activities, in addition to the group discounts we negotiate, to make these adventures as affordable as possible. Some of the past events we've enjoyed include:


Want to have a fun night out sans kids? We've got you covered. Our adult activities committee plans regular outings, such as happy hours, painting nights, wine tastings, pedicure dates, book clubs, and informal meet-ups, for our members. 

We welcome your ideas - we are always looking for fun ways to hang out (and finish entire adult conversations without tiny human interruptions)!


Playgroups are a great way for your children to meet new friends their age - and for you to meet other parents who may be experiencing the same surprises and challenges of parenthood. WECPTA playgroups are available for various days and times and for different age groups, depending on the needs of participants. 


Fall harvest parties with hayrides and caramel apples. Spring parties with bubble stations, crafts, and balloon and facepainting artists. A completely free day at the Great Lakes Science Center! These are a few of the recent children's parties we've hosted for member families. Children's parties are completely free events for WECPTA members and their families to enjoy time together and get to know other members. 


Our closed Facebook group is a great resource members use to connect with one another. We share photos, events, ideas, knowledge, and support.


WECPTA's Community Service committee plans service activities that benefit our community and help inspire our children to make service a part of their lives. We've organized book, toy, and feminine products drives. We've decorated breakfast bags at Ronald McDonald House. And, we plan new activities each year.


Do you wish you could go shopping in peace? Go on a date with your spouse without spending a fortune on a babysitter? Enter WECPTA's Babysitting Co-Op. It is designed to provide members with guilt-free, cost-free childcare by other members on a reciprocating basis through the exchange of time.

Here's how it works:

  • A member arranges for the sitting of his/her children by a sitter from the Co-Op roster
  • The member completes a Sit Sheet, which includes his/her whereabouts during the sitting, relevant children's names, pertinent information, and a signed medical release 
  • The member drops his/her children off at the sitter's place (although actual location may vary depending on circumstances) and leaves the Sit Sheet with the sitter
  • After the sitting, the appropriate number of coupons is exchanged according to the co-op payment chart
  • Members earn coupons by sitting for others' children, and spend coupons when others sit for their own children - no money is exchanged!

6:30 pm, second Tuesday of each month
September - May
Westlake Elementary School

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