• It is very helpful if you can bring five dollar bills and dollar bills to pay for admission and as payment to sellers.  Sellers do not accept personal checks. 
  • We do not accept bills larger than $20.  No $50 or $100 bills will be accepted.  All bills will be checked for authenticity.
  • Please pay individual sellers at their spaces. 
  • We are one of the largest sales in the area.
  • We will be in the Westlake High School this year.  Currently we are scheduled to be in the rotunda and surrounding areas.  We may add additional space if it becomes available. 
  • New this year, we will have a big item area.
  • You can get a stamp on your hand for re-admission if you would like to leave and come back later.  Please be courteous and take your large items out as soon as possible.
  • A Westlake Police Department Officer will be around to monitor the sale.
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