What is Mom's Boot Camp?

June 25, 2012 10:45 AM | Anonymous
A few people have asked me what Mom's Boot Camp is, so I thought I might explain more here.

Mom's Boot Camp is a one hour high intensity interval workout.  It is for all ranges of workout abilities (though I would suggest for those who are pregnant, if you haven't been working out before, this is not the place to start).  The workout is lead by a personal trainer Jen Ference.  It costs $7 per session.

We start with some cardio, than stretching.  Than move into the workout.  The first session was do as many exercises as you could for 30 seconds.  For example, do as many lunges for 30 seconds, than we moved to bicep curls with resistance bands, etc.  The second session we teamed up into groups of 3 and the group had to do 150 exercises, 1 person working out while the other 2 rested, and rotate through to get the 150 done.  

Again, we have all workout abilities.  I few joked this was there first workout since having kids, so no one needs to feel like they need to be in great shape to do Mom's Boot Camp.

While we workout the kids have fun running around playing.  We do have a babysitter there who helps keep the kids out of trouble, but if you have to stop and deal with a child, that's fine, we are all mom's (including the trainer!).  We do ask those who attend to kick in $1-2 to the babysitter to help with the cost.

If you are interested in joining, we meet Tuesday morning at 9:30 am.  We rotate houses, so drop me an e-mail to get on the e-mail list.  For your first workout, please show up a few minutes early to do the paper work.
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