The 'Dog Days' of Summer

August 02, 2010 9:04 PM | Anonymous
We've already seen a record number of 90 degree days during the month of July. With the 'Dog Days of Summer' still ahead of us, the possibility of more hot weather exists.

It's especially important to keep an eye on the little ones who are not as good at recognizing changes in their body temperatures. Heat stroke is the most severe of the heat-related injuries. Signs of heat stroke include:
  • very high temperature (over 104 degrees); 
  • hot, dry, red skin
  • lack of sweating
  • confusion
  • deep breathing
  • possibly unconsciousness

The question is how to protect our children from reaching the point of a heat stroke.  First and foremost, make sure that the child does not get dehydrated. Kids need to replenish with fluids regularly, preferably with water, even if they do not feel thirsty.  Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks since those can actually cause kids to lose fluids. Give the kids a break from the heat every 30-40 minutes. Finally, dress kids in light, loose-fitting clothing that allows sweat to evaporate.   

Taking some of these precautions into account  will help everyone enjoy the final days of summer!

Check us out next month for an article featuring Dr. Sandra Hong, an allergist and immunologist from the Cleveland Clinic. We will also be featuring an allergy-friendly recipe.

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