Babysitting Co-op 

Do you wish you could go shopping in peace? 
Want to go on a date with your spouse without spending a fortune on a babysitter? Need to go to the dentist? Or better yet, don't you deserve an afternoon at the spa? The WECPTA's Babysitting Co-op is for you!
Our Babysitting Co-op was designed to provide members with guilt-free, cost-free childcare by other members on a reciprocating basis through the exchange of time.

An excerpt from Easy Energizers:116 New Ways to Fight Fatigue suggests, “If you have young children, a babysitting cooperative may be just the thing you need to give yourself a break-and give the kids some playtime with new friends. Co-ops are growing increasingly popular because they spare parents the headache of finding a sitter they can trust, and they save thousands of dollars. Paid sitters can cost more than $10 per hour, which can transform even a humble movie-and pizza date into a $100 evening.”

  • A member selects and calls a sitter from the Babysitting Co-op Roster to request a sitting of her children. 
  • The mother then drops her child(ren) off at the sitter's place — the actual location of sit may be variable depending on circumstances — and leaves a Sit Sheet with her sitter.  
  • On the Sit Sheet, the mother writes her whereabouts with phone number during the sit, the name of the children she is leaving and any pertinent information the sitter should know about her child. The medical release on the Sit Sheet must be filled out and signed before any babysitting event can take place.  
  • After the sitting, the appropriate number of coupons is exchanged according to the WECPTA Babysitting Co-op Payment Chart.

It’s just that easy! 

Join today! Fill out the membership application and contact our CoOp Liason to find out the date, time and location of our next meeting. 
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